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Ron Banks

Jun 17, 2013 | Admin | Personal Testimonies | No Comments

Michael Webster, “Gone, but Not Forgotten.”

M.E., I passionately called him. My dear friend is what he was to me. His wit was the best thing about him. Michael was a brilliant man with many talents.  Even though his life was cut short, his works were long.

He was in control of his destiny, every minute, every second, and even down to the last nanosecond of his life. His memories will never get lost because he is so ever present in my mind. I can hear him speaking words of wisdom from his resting place and encouraging me to do good here on earth.

Yes, men can be angels too, and Mike sure is one.

Mike deserves to have a blood drive in his name, because the “blood” exemplifies life. He will live forever if blood is donated in honor of him. He would want folks to give freely to this drive and would be proud of the efforts of each donor.

“Mike, Rest in Peace.”

-Ron Banks

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