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Rhonda Baker – Alana’s Mother-In-Law

Aug 8, 2013 | Admin | Personal Testimonies | No Comments

rhondaI never had the pleasure of meeting Michael Webster in person, but I was introduced to him on July 8, 2010, late in the evening. My son Matthew was coming home and bringing his new girlfriend with him for the first time. They arrived after my husband had gone to bed, so we were trying to be quiet, whispering, “Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you!” I was scrambling for something to say and noticed Alana had a tattoo on her wrist. Relieved I had something to say, I asked her, “I see you have a tattoo on your wrist, what’s that all about?” Quickly and politely she replied, “That’s my daddy’s Highway Patrol badge number, he was killed by a drunk driver”. I don’t remember what we talked about after that…I felt pretty small. I know exactly the day Alana and I had our first conversation because it was the day before my own father’s funeral.

Matthew and Alana are married now. I am blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law, whom I love very much. Alana is a special young woman from a special family. They have so much love and respect for Michael, you can feel it every time they share their memories. You could certainly feel it when Michael was honored at Matthew and Alana’s wedding.

I wish I had the opportunity to know him, to thank him for bringing Alana into this world and to thank him for his choice to serve and protect. A man loved by so many, for so long after he was taken all too soon from this world, had to be an exceptional person. God Bless you Michael Webster.


-Rhonda Baker

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