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Nate Brown

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426548_132135163629745_81723854_n(1)Mike and I met in the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy in January of 1984. As we attempted to process the chaos before us, we gave one another, what we later referred to as “the look”, followed by our signature nod. At this point no words had been spoken, but each of us knew exactly what the other was thinking. Even though I had yet to officially meet Mike, a familiarity was evident.

Once Mike and I officially met, we found that we had several things in common. For example, we shared the same birth date. We also shared passions for sports, fine cuisine, competition and Peabo Bryson songs. We listened to Peabo as we traveled to and from the Academy.

Mike and I hashed out numerous issues as we tossed a football or a softball to one another. On one of our birthdays, Mike had a picnic/barbeque in the park. What seemed to be a common occurrence at the time is now a sacred memory. At that time Mike and I both thought we would have many more of those days. Now, I thank God we were able to enjoy those we had.

-Nate Brown

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