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“The World loves a man who does his duty well” – John Kloehr

danI never had the chance to meet Michael Webster, but I have the pleasure of knowing his family. His daughter is my daughter-in-law. I look at pictures of this man and see the smiling face, the honest eyes with steel behind them, and know that it is my great loss that I never got to meet him.

There aren’t many people in this world, or gone from it, that command such love and respect from their family, friends, and fellow troopers, as I see in Michael’s case. There is still a lot of love and respect out there for him. A man just doesn’t command that sort of memory unless he was something special.

It takes a special kind of man to put on that badge and go out to protect the world… A man who is first in line to meet danger, and one who is covering the rear when turning from it. The kind of man who puts the safety and welfare of others before himself. From what I’ve read, Michael was this kind of man.

It’s a hard thing, to raise children by yourself. The parent left behind is always questioning themselves and their ability to raise their children in a way that would please the one who has gone on. Kathey, you have done a remarkable job, and one that I know Michael would have been proud of.

Michael, when Matt and Alana were married, your spirit was there. I, who didn’t know you at all, felt it. It was a real presence. When your fellow troopers marched up that aisle, carrying remembrances of you, you were walking beside them. They walked with dignity and pride, and I know they were walking beside you. And I know you were smiling. I could feel it, more real than if I saw it with my eyes. There was not a spare breath, or a dry eye in that whole church. Now, I’m a pretty tough guy, but I was damn glad that I had a couple handkerchiefs in my pocket that day. Crap. I’m tearing up just remembering it. That kind of feeling does not come from a common man. You left behind a lot of people who loved you, respected you, admired you, and then, those of us who wished we had known you.

Michael, I wish I could have met you. It would have been my great honor, and it is my great honor to have your daughter in my family. I promise you, and Kathey, that when your daughter is around me, she will be safe, and protected, as long as there is a breath left in my body.

“The world loves a man who does his duty well”. John Kloehr said this, sometime after the Dalton Raid on Coffeyville, Kansas. He knew a few things about honor, and putting oneself on the line for his fellow man.

Michael, you did your duty well, and the people in your world love you for it.

- Dan Baker

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