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Angie Brooks

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My brother Mike was nine years older than me.  I remember asking Mike over and over to let me play that game that he played with his friends. Mike always said “No, you don’t want to play this game”. One day, I finally got Mike to change his mind. He gave me some paper and showed me how to fold the paper to make it resemble a shape. After the shape was created, Mike told me to stand in front of him, hold up my hands and connect my thumbs with palms facing away from my body.  He then instructed me to raise my hands in front of my face. Mike thumbed the shape and it went through the structure that I created with my hands and hit me in my face. “Ouch!” I replied while Mike yelled  “Touch down!!”  Then Mike said, “Oh I am sorry you were making a field goal…I forgot tell you to duck. I call the shape that you made a football,” We laughed. While growing up, I always wanted to be in Mike’s presence. I didn’t ask Mike to play many more games after that one. If he said I didn’t want to do something, I believed him from that time forward. I was content just sitting and watching him.

- Angie Brooks

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