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“Why a Blood Drive for your husband, Kathey?”


That question has been posed to me several times over the years. Here is the long and the short of it.  This is my way of  “TURNING TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH!”

A drunk driver killed my husband, Corporal Michael Webster, in the line of duty on October 2, 1993. He was 33 years old. As a Patrolman, Mike was most often the very first person on the scene of an accident, so he knew first-hand the importance of blood donations. Beginning with his college days, he gave blood regularly. While Michael was fighting for his own life, and if memory serves me right, he received 46 units of blood. Unfortunately, his injuries were too extensive for the transfusions to sustain his life, but I am convinced that blood helped him live until his heart gave out.

In May of 1994, Troop A of the Missouri State Highway Patrol conducted their first blood drive in Michael’s honor. I could not think of a more appropriate way to honor him! The Community Blood Center have hosted a blood drive at Troop A every year since then.

This year’s Blood Drive will be held on October 2, 2013 which marks the 20th anniversary of Michael’s passing. Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent, Colonel Ronald K. Replogle, gave his blessing to have this blood drive statewide this year! My hope is that by the year 2018, these blood drives will be held nationwide. In the meantime, we plan on making a stamp in Missouri’s history! We are already beginning to touch Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa.

With your help, we can make a difference and allow Corporal Webster’s legacy to live on by saving lives throughout Missouri, and eventually all over the United States of America!

-Kathey Webster
Widow of Corporal Michael Webster

The video below is a tribute to Cpl. Michael E. Webster, produced by David Reynolds.